2020 is a milestone year for me: 10 years of blogging, 15 years of teaching Anabaptism, 20 years of biking to work at Columbia Bible College, 25 years of not buying a new pair of pants, 30 years of being a parent, 35 years of marriage, 40 years of church ministry, and 45 years of regular journaling. No one wants to read a bunch of narcissistic, self-congratulatory ramblings so I will take nine themes from the above milestones and reflect on and write about these themes for my blogs. I will add three other milestone themes to make one for each month in 2020. I write just because it is who I am and if one person connects with something, that is my reward for posting to the public.

I enjoy all kinds of writing and have had written two books, a few chapters in books, academic essays, numerous articles, curriculum, and poetry. My favorite kind of writing is pithy reflections about life and my most frequent publications have been a week of personal devotions for REJOICE! Magazine (9 since 2008). Blogging is also this kind of writing. It takes a bit more thought than a tweet and is less work than writing an article or an essay. For me, it’s just perfect. It is kind of like writing an editorial for my own weekly online magazine. So I invite you to subscribe and enjoy the ride!

January: To celebrate 10 years of blogging I will reflect on men’s spirituality, feminism, and related subjects because that is the subject that initiated my blog.

February: To celebrate the 150th anniversary of my home province, Manitoba, I will write about Louis Riel and other things Manitoban.

March: To commemorate 15 years of teaching a course on Anabaptism I will reflect on the relevance of Anabaptist thought as we near the 500th anniversary of the movement.

April: My oldest son is turning 30 so that means I have been a parent for 30 years. Anyone who has been a parent knows it is the hardest and yet most rewarding job in the world.

May: It was 50 years ago that the Beatles ceased to be a band. How has popular music impacted us in the past half century?

June: At our “Milestones” event I will be recognized for 20 years of teaching at Columbia Bible College. I’m sure there are a few nuggets to dig up on the variety of subjects I have taught.

July: Sabbath is an important practice to sustain life. I will take a break from blogging for a few weeks as I have done in the past.

August: We will be celebrating 35 years of marriage. The commitment of two people to live together in love for a lifetime is worth reflecting on.

September: Back to school means back to commuting by bicycle. It has been 20 years which makes about 4000 km a year. Stand by for stories and evangelism.

October: To celebrate 25 years of buying second-hand pants I will write about simplicity and the clothing industry.

November: I have worked for the church for 40 years in 5 provinces. Join me in reflecting on the highs and lows of church ministry.

December: I have been journaling for 45 years. In some ways blogging is a form of journaling in public so a few juicy excerpts are in order to finish off the year.