The series of blogs about elections must continue because today it is exactly one year until the presidential election in the USA. Twitter has expanded to 280 characters so since politics can now be done by twitter, allow me a brief rant for 280 words.

Today kicks off a 365 day campaign that will make Canadians never complain again about our elections! Despite what the red hats say, the American empire is crumbling. The incumbent president and candidate for the ruling party is in danger of being impeached after three years of constant scandal. (Why did it take this long?) The other party has to try to stay unified while seventeen candidates duke it out to be his rival. (You’d think it would be a shoo-in for whoever the rival is but apparently not.) And then the political mud-slinging—perhaps political grenade-throwing would be a better description—will begin. Perhaps the worst thing about the next year will be the billions of dollars spent on media blitzes, travel, and paraphernalia such as shirts that say “God, Guns & Trump.” I actually saw this on a T-shirt on the news last night! The wearer had better not be referring to the God that was incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth! People of the US of A, can somebody explain to me what is going on down there?