We did not have a white Christmas on the wet coast but I did note the references to snow, frost, and hail in 147:16-18. “Who can survive this winter?” (v.17b The Message) may have been on the minds of some on the prairies.  We actually saw the sun a few times on Christmas Day. We had a lovely time with our family from Christmas Eve till Christmas morning and then Cyndy and I went for a walk along the creek, vigorous with new rain but smelling of dead fish that had just given their lives as they finished the spawning cycle. What a beautiful day to celebrate the life of a child who was God with us and would bring us new life.

Today was not the first time I have had to catch up on my Psalm reading this year. Now it’s the day after Christmas and the year is almost done! It does not seem like that long ago that we started this experiment of reading the Psalms in a year. It began with enthusiasm as more people expressed interest than I had expected but as with many other “New Year’s Resolutions” the enthusiasm soon waned and in the past few months there have been only a handful of people still responding. I know there have also been a few who were quietly reading on a regular basis; I hope that it was a meaningful experience. Congratulations to all who made it to 150 by December 30!

I would like to hear from people who made it to the end. Please respond on the website or send an email to gareth.brandt@columbiabc.edu and I will anonymously post your comments so that other participants can benefit. Here are some questions to reflect on when you are finished: What was your experience like? What new insights did you gain? What repeated themes did you note? Was there a psalm that impacted you in a new way? What was the highlight of your reading? What troubled you in your reading? What did you not understand?