I was planning to post a formal introduction to the disorientation theme but it became a bit long and perhaps being more personal and less wordy are of greater value. [The introduction to disorientation is posted under the “Psalms Project” tab.]

Psalm 6 seems to be coming from the perspective of one who is suffering from a serious illness that involves both physical symptoms [v.2,5,7] and mental/emotional/spiritual anguish [v.3,6]; we know now that we are psychosomatic beings and the two are inextricably related. Each of you have your own unique story of this. I have been on a partial medical leave since August due to mental illness and tomorrow I face an appointment with a specialist regarding some concerns about an ultrasound of my abdomen taken before Christmas. I’m nervous and maybe even a bit afraid.

The refrain “How long?” [v.3] appears often in the Psalms of lament. I’m sure that many participants have also asked this question in the midst of their suffering. A paraphrase might be, “What next? Enough already! How much more of this do I have to take? What else can go wrong?” Psalm 6 speaks for all of us who have ever experienced disorientation and suffering of any kind or intensity.

In the midst of difficulty and disorientation it is important to be heard [v.9]. Of course I ask for a quick fix of my problem or for relief from my pain [v.2,4] but even more I want someone to simply be with me and to hear what I am going through, to take me seriously, to stand with me in solidarity. Judging by the 10+ posts on Psalms 3-4, this virtual Psalms congregation is already doing that for each other. In a sense, a human ear is assurance that there is a divine ear.