I have completed my reading of all 150 psalms in English verse. Besides lament psalms, one of the common themes is the glory of creation. Summer is a good time to experience the great outdoors and God’s creation. For my last post in the “psalms for summer” series I give you my top 10 outdoor moments of the summer [in no particular order] and the middle verses of Psalm 148 in English verse.


  1. Soaring 600 feet in the air over a valley holding hands with my lover on a zip-line near Whistler
  2. My granddaughter running dirt through her fingers in the backyard potato patch
  3. Hearing the gurgle of a creek on the “Love Walk” north east of Mission
  4. The waving high grasses and a sudden downpour at Batoche, SK overlooking the South Saskatchewan River
  5. Cruising in a boat on Rock Lake in southern Manitoba on a quiet evening
  6. The view south from Heritage Park in Mission with the Fraser River in the foreground and Mount Baker in the distance
  7. The green of the Thompson River valley with dry barren hills rising above it east of Kamloops
  8. The first view of the Rocky Mountains on the western horizon as we approach Calgary from the east
  9. Walking in the cool of a cedar grove in Revelstoke National Park near the Trans-Canada Highway on a hot day
  10. Driving across Saskatchewan and seeing the big sky over the prairies with myriads of cloud formations


Praise him, heav’ns that heav’n upbear;

Waters, higher hung in air

Let them praise their sov’reign Lord,

For they rose beneath his word :

He hath fix’d their places fast,

With a bound that ne’er was pass’d.


Praise the Lord from earth below;

Monsters of the ocean’s flow ;

Fire and cloud, and snow and hail,

And the storm’s obedient gale ;

Mountains, and their highlands all;

Fruitful groves, and cedars tall;


Beasts that field or forest bore ;

Worms that creep, and birds that soar ;

Kings, and men of lowly birth ;

Chiefs and judges, thron’d on earth;

Youths and maids in blooming choirs ;

Smiling babes, and hoary sires :


All, your Lord’s high name proclaim,

High and bright o’er ev’ry name :