Psalm 23 is one of the most loved and often quoted psalms of all time. I include the English verse version today for a few reasons:

  1. Because it is common readers will have a comparison in mind when they read. What do you think?
  2. It is a comfort to me personally today even though I do have needs, my life is not beside still waters, ill has befallen me, I am afraid, my cup is not overflowing, etc. Call it stubborn faith I guess.
  3. This psalm is about guidance through difficulty. I just got home from a meaningful time with my national church family where we did some difficult work of discernment together and all along I felt the power of the Spirit in a strong way, guiding us and giving us unity amidst diversity.



The Lord is my shepherd ; I ne’er shall have need :

He gives me my couch on the green, quiet mead ;

He leads me beside the still waters ; and brings

His wand’rer to pathways where righteousness springs.

And though through the valley of death’s gloomy shade

Thou call’ st me to journey, I am not afraid :

No ill shall befall me, with thee at my side,

Thy crook for my comfort, thy staff’ for my guide.

Thou spread’st me a banquet in eye of my foes ;

Thou crown’ st me with oil; and my cup overflows :

So, goodness and grace shall my footsteps entwine,

And God’s holy dwelling shall ever be mine.