I am Cancer.

I am Mental Illness.


I am somewhat unique to western cultures.

I am there too.

The mere mention of my name strikes fear into people’s hearts.

Yes, and perhaps also some confusion.

I can take many different forms.

So can I; each one is a separate disease.

I cause great suffering, pain, and heart-ache.

Sadly, I do as well.

I can take over your entire body.

So can I.

I can be terminal; people can die because of me.

Sorry, me too.

I am no respecter of persons. I strike the rich and the poor alike; it makes no difference.

You can add race, religion, and Jesus in your heart; I do not discriminate.

There’s really no cure for me, just remission.

Yes, learn to live with me for the rest of your life.

I affect friends and family and all people around those who have me.


My treatments are long and arduous and sometimes worse than the disease itself!

Unfortunately, that goes for me too.


People have run across Canada for me, and millions of young and old raise millions of dollars for research through public events and big name celebrities.

Hmmm, most celebrities who have me are no longer celebrities and there’s very few fundraising campaigns for me.

I’m on every church and Facebook prayer list.

I prefer to suffer silently and remain hidden.

I’m part of a title: Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre.

I’m the psych ward at the back of the hospital.

People all feel sorry for my victims.

They just think mine are crazy.

I mess with people’s bodies and minds.

I do that and I mess with their very identities.

I can be beaten.

I can carry stigma forever.