canadiana #8 a poem about fallin canada

adam and eve fell too so did jack and jill and even god on a friday so what is the big deal that summer fell into autumn a few days ago depending which day exactly it used to be that it was the twenty first of september but it must be our desire for the beach boys endless summer because somebody told me the first day of fall was now the twenty third whatever the day the season is changing in canada from green to brown except in bc where it gets greener this time around but the skies are gray and we had another small earthquake off the coast although in greece the economy is having an earthquake and thousands of refugees are landing on its shore and back in syria there are millions more in tents waiting for bombs to drop from some side and in canada we are old stock taking sides in a very long election campaign so we watch donald trump instead of our debate where harper and mulcair were a bore trudeau was yelling and elizabeth may was tweeting instead tonight we are hearing it again in french in which the old stock has been replaced by women wearing berkas three more weeks of this will we survive i guess i should be thankful to be alive since thanksgiving is coming soon so we just bought a roam and roost turkey and hockey is starting soon babcock is coaching the falling leafs and the good news is that due to the election we are accepting ten thousand refugees and our church is taking five and i drive my bike to work teach a class and grow a garden i do know that story about the guy on the beach throwing starfish back into the ocean but here i am drowning in my own first world institutional sea and I almost go over the edge when i buy the wrong oil for my lamp and it was smoking black so i had to snuff it out