This is part 2 of my personal year end/new year blog. I’m not sure where my blogging will take me this year but 2015 will be the year of numerous milestone anniversaries for me:

5 years of blogging. Before this site I had an unsuccessful men’s spirituality website. You can find a few entries by clicking on the “men’s spirituality” tab.

10 years of teaching Anabaptist History and Theology. Since I have taught this course from 2-4 times every year for this many years I have taught it more than any other course in my career. It has become part of me which increases my passion for teaching it rather than boring me.

15 years of biking to work at Columbia Bible College. I’m not sure which is more courageous: working at a single religious institution for that long or biking 22 km every day in all kinds of weather. I’m on my third bicycle; the first I have retired to casual off-road riding and the second one got stolen. My third sabbatical is still 7 years away since I just finished my last one this past year. Look for the release of my new book later this month.

20 years of buying only second hand pants. I do buy souvenir T-shirts when I go on trips. Now that buying used clothing has become in vogue I’m not sure how long I can keep this up. The selection is not getting better. Should I celebrate by buying a new pair of pants? Rather, sing along with me at

25 years of being a father. As with most fathers I flew by the seat of my pants and my children grew up well by the grace of God and my unconditional love, and despite my foibles. I’m very thankful.

30 years of marriage to the same woman. “Cynthia, my lovely ocean eyes in whose depths I could drown and float at the same time.” We’ve lived in 5 provinces together and experienced some deep valleys and mountain peaks together and our love has grown stronger and sweeter every year.

35 years of life in youth and young adult ministry. I began as a youth leader in my home church after graduating, then a few years as a group home youth care worker, many years in congregational and conference youth ministry, and finally a college professor.

40 years of regular journaling. For your amusement, here is how I concluded my first entry after spending an entire night writing out my spiritual autobiography as much as I could remember from the selective memory and self-interested perspective of a 14 year old struggling with identity and self-acceptance. “Deep, deep down I hope I am saved sometime but right now I need someone: either Sharon, Julie, Lana, Irene, Corinne, or God… I am a dreamer and could tell many dreams. I have a dream far off somewhere to be something, but that is only a dream… You know I really don’t know what the hell I’m writing this for because no bloody person will ever read it anyway.”

I’ve saved the best for last: This will be the year I become a grandfather!