There are a lot of things that are calling me to lament at the dawn of the advent season this year and I’m ashamed that I carry some of the responsibility for these sad events. There is violence on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri because of racial tension. The Canadian government is sending our young people and our money to rain down bombs in Syria and Iraq. There are numerous allegations of sexual violence against powerful men in Canada. There are numerous oil pipeline scandals in B.C. and Alberta. People are homeless in Abbotsford. I’m a white Canadian man who has a car and a house. Guilt can paralyze but it can also help me to take responsibility and to do my small part to work with God in bringing about a world of peace and justice.

One of those small parts is to help students to follow Jesus in practical ways. This week in Anabaptist class we are discussing the issues of economics and peace. All the above events are connected to these two issues. As I reflected on what I should post this week I realized that I have blogged about these issues many times in the past three years of blogging. Why say the same thing all over again? If you are interested in reading more, check out the following blogs on peace related issues: 2014 Aug.7; 2013 Dec.16,2; Sept.22,21,3; Aug.28; Jun.10; Apr.26,16; 2012 Dec.17,7; Aug.19,12. For blogs on economic issues check out 2014 May 14; 2013 Dec.19; Jun.13,6; May 30; May 30; Mar.15,9; 2012 Sept.25; Mar. 27,11; Jan.2.

Happy reading as we await the advent of our Lord who first came with the announcement: Peace on earth, goodwill toward all!