My daughter wrote this poem for me today. I am deeply honoured.

La cherie de Dieu

I Love you, Dad.

Because Meat on the Grill doesn’t taste nearly as good as
home-grown vegetables
cooked (by you) into a poor-man’s stew;

Because you don’t bike to be the Strongest
but to respect your God, the earth God gave you,
and the lungs of your children;

Because you don’t like Fishing
(or fish), but you do like Green
though not for its manly sheen, instead

Because it reminds you of the forests–
of their beauty and their darkness,
of their aliveness;

Because Ties threaten the throat,
and Watches the wallet,
and Guns the peace;

Because I don’t need a Superhero to protect me,
a Warrior to rescue me,
or a Tycoon to pay for me;

Because I need a father to cry with me,
A wise-man to discuss with me,
An artist to read my poetry.

I love you, Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.

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