I had a wordless summer but that does not mean I did not learn anything or experience anything new; it just wasn’t while reading a book or listening to a speaker. I am commencing a new blog series to be posted over the next few weeks and months to share some of those things with my virtual community. Since a large part of it was during the Anabaptist pilgrimage in Europe, maybe even a few of my “Anabaptist History and Thought” students will be interested come September!

There are people who shut down their minds and hearts and never learn or experience anything new and that is sad. I never want to be such a person. Theology is not a static discipline as some have surmised. Anabaptist confessions have changed over the years. My theology has changed even in the 13 years I’ve taught theology, and will hopefully continue to do so as I experience different things, as people speak into my life, as I read new books, even as I reread the Bible. This summer I experienced new geography, new stories, and new people – thus some new learnings and experiences I want to tell you about.

Here’s a few questions to entice you to follow my blog over the next while: Was Adolf Hitler a Christian like me? How do you deal with young adult students or children who take your teaching further than you had intended? When does noble perseverance become stupid stubbornness? Will Protestants and Catholics ever get along? Was 9/11 the beginning of a time of war or is it leading to peace? I will include stories from the 16th, 18th, and 20th centuries and reflect on issues relevant for the 21st. If this was radio, I would say, “Tune in!”