I am just full of confessions tonight!

Confession: I do not like contemporary worship music. I think “worship concert” is an oxymoron. I have never attended a Brian Doerksen concert, until tonight.

Justification: The reason I went tonight is because the admission cost went to support MCC Thrift Shops. I like to shop there for all my clothes and a few other things as well, and I wanted to support an organization I believe in. Brian Doerksen and his band, as well as “The Ambassadors Quartet” were the musical guests for the 40th Anniversary celebration of MCC Thrift.

Penance: Make another confession. I loved Brian Doerksen’s music! The band was musically very tight. The presentation was earthy and unpretentious, completely opposite of my stereotype of contemporary worship music. I wept through the entire first set of old Brian Doerksen “standards” concluding with “It is well with my soul” sung with his father.