Confession: We are shopping for a new car. Even worse, I lost sleep over it!

Justification: I bike to work every day, in fact I will soon be celebrating 20 years of not using a car to commute to work. I bought my first car when I was 18 before we worried about things like emissions. When my wife Cyndy and I got engaged we both had a car. My car got melted down into two rings [not a lot of metal or cash in it] and we decided that we would only have one car in our marriage. It has been tough over the years; we have had to be creative while each holding down jobs and taxiing four children to their various activities. We managed for 25 years and then when we had five drivers we broke down and bought a second car. That sin only lasted for a year until our young adult children began moving out and buying their own cars. Why should we sin on their behalf when they can do it independently? We sold the van and were down to one small car. I felt so pure. But then my parents came to BC for a few months in the winter and I could not fit their luggage into the back and they had trouble getting in and out when we picked them up for church. The car is ideal for my wife’s commute to work, but maybe we need something a little bigger that would help us to be more hospitable and that would be more utilitarian for traveling, camping trips, etc. With the technological improvements of new engines we could have a bigger vehicle and still get the same fuel efficiency as our small car. I’m beginning to be convinced.

But it is so much money and cars are the most rapidly depreciating of any major purchase. Am I just caving in to our car addicted culture? And then there are the sales representatives! Why can’t I just go to a car store, pick one up and pay the price on the sticker instead of submitting myself to this long excruciating melodrama? My mind is distracted. My stomach is in knots. The whole process is making me very anxious and there are Bible verses about that. Last night I couldn’t even sleep.

Penance: It seems you have suffered enough. Have a glass of wine or mug of steamed milk before going to bed. And enjoy the drive! zoom. zoom.