Political post #? Unfortunately for politicians every word they say is subject to public scrutiny [not unlike it is for preachers]. I cannot help but be somewhat amused, maybe even embarrassed by the following:


Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this is not the time to “commit sociology” when asked about the arrests of two men this week who are accused of conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack on a Via train.

Harper was asked during a news conference with Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister about concerns with the timing of the arrests. He was also asked about when it’s appropriate to talk about the root causes of involvement with terrorism.

The Conservatives had taken Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to task when he suggested last week it was important to look at the root causes of the Boston Marathon bombings after offering condolences and support to the victims. They said he was trying to rationalize the bombings or make excuses when the Liberal leader said the bombings happened because someone felt excluded from society.

“I think, though, this is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression,” Harper said. “These things are serious threats, global terrorist attacks, people who have agendas of violence that are deep and abiding threats to all the values our society stands for.

“I don’t think we want to convey any view to the Canadian public other than our utter condemnation of this kind of violence, contemplation of this violence and our utter determination through our laws and our activities to do everything we can to prevent it and counter it,” Harper said.

On CBC News Network’s Power & Politics on Thursday, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was asked by host Evan Solomon to elaborate on Harper’s comments and what is wrong with trying to understand why people turn to terror.

“Nothing, but that’s not the issue,” he responded. Poilievre said Trudeau mishandled his response to the Boston bombings.

“The root causes of terrorism is terrorists,” he said. “That’s how we respond.”

Wow! Of course the twitter comments abounded after that amazing sense of logic, e.g. “the root cause of poverty is poor people” etc. And I dare predict that Justin Trudeau will be our next prime minister in 2015. You heard it here folks!

Yes, our first response is to condemn senseless violence and extend sympathy and support to victims, but then I do pray that our leaders would indeed begin to look at root causes rather than simplistic knee jerk responses.