Even though I’m in the middle of the busiest time of year, I must at least briefly update my Good Friday post, because Easter has come. Christ is risen! The resurrection is the surprise that brings us hope. Even if it is sometimes traumatic, especially for routinized personalities like mine, I welcome the inbreaking of a new orientation to the world [read Walter Brueggemann on the Psalms] that comes with new circumstances and experiences.

This Easter we experienced a surprise. Our household grew by one! No, Cyndy did not give birth at 49 but a “homeless” young man who lived with us a number of years ago moved back in to share the basement with our son. And next week our daughter is also moving back home after a year away. This seems to be the reality of living with young adults: coming and going. A year ago we were down to a household of three and now we are back up to six again. Welcome home!