No, this is not a post about my new views on eschatology! I had something happen to me yesterday that has not happened in probably 20 years – a theft. I had my bike stolen while I was at work during the day. It was secured to a bike rack with a heavy duty cable but not enough for a thief that came prepared with the right tools. When I came out to go home, only a severed cable remained as evidence of the crime.

I did not feel a great deal of emotion of any kind really. “Stunned” would be the best description. We have had bikes stolen before and our car has been broken into [All in Winnipeg many years ago], not to mention my brother-in-laws who have been robbed of boats and combine headers! Sure, it was an expensive bike and my daily transportation, but I know of course that people are a lot worse off than I am. And maybe the person who took it really needed a bike or the money from selling it.

So what’s in this for me? I can’t say it’s really a profound lesson on becoming too attached to my possessions even though a bike is almost like an extension of my body by now after 13 years of daily commuting. And it costs less than the furnace we had to replace a year ago so we will survive financially. Life won’t really be disrupted that much. It does reduce my trust in people since I won’t be parking my bike outside on a daily basis if I can help it.

Speaking of more serious robberies, Bruce Cockburn’s “Stolen Land” and Rudy Wiebe’s “Stolen Life” come to mind. Tomorrow I am attending a seminar in preparation for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission later this year to help bring some healing to survivors of Canada’s residential school system for indiginous peoples. I’m not even trying to make a comparison, it’s just the next event in a week. I anticipate that tomorrow will make a bigger impact on my life than yesterday.