Sorry about the fact that I don’t have time to blog these days so I’m pasting a quote from my lecture today. Most theological statements and text books start with the existence of God or the authority of Scripture, but what if Jesus was our starting point? This question struck me while reading Ted Grimsrud’s book, Theology as if Jesus Matters, where he attempts to do that while introducing the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.

“One big problem with many ways of thinking about Christian theology is that they allow us to focus only on beliefs, only on doctrines, only on what we say we believe. This is why it has been possible for so many Christians over the years to proclaim our belief in Jesus as saviour while at the same time fighting wars, owning slaves, abusing our children, and destroying the earth. Problematic doctrinal beliefs have taken the place of Jesus’ own life and message in the hierarchy of convictions for many Christians.”

[Ted Grimsrud, Theology as if Jesus Matters]