I have a new text book for my Church and Culture class this semester. The Power of All: Building a Multivoiced Church by Sian and Stuart Murray Williams. They introduce their topic by saying that “Multivoiced church is an alternative to the dominant tradition in which large numbers of the Christian community are passive consumers instead of active participants. It replaces reliance on one person (e.g. the pastor, to do most of the preaching) or a small group of people (e.g. elders, to make all the decisions) with an expectation that the whole community is gifted, called, empowered, and expected to be involved in all aspects of church life.”

I like how our church is multivoiced. I got to preach last Sunday and the Sunday before that someone else preached and tomorrow our pastor is preaching. She preaches about twice a month and the other Sundays there are a number of other people in our congregation, like myself, who preach on occasion. There are a number of ways that a congregation can be multivoiced but I think one of the most important is that we hear God’s word from a variety of people. We hear God speak to us in a variety of ways as a congregation but one of the most powerful common ways is in the sermon as people gather on a weekly basis. Thus, it is vital that we hear a number of different voices in this space.