After some reflection upon my life over the past year and in anticipation of the year ahead, I have decided to continue maintaining this website and blogging on occasion. This site began primarily as a blogging site but I have redirected my main purpose for this site as a place to display my published writings and to be a resource for my speaking and writing ministry outside of my daily work as a college professor.

Please note that I have updated my published articles. I finished writing my sixth series of devotionals for REJOICE! devotional magazine over Christmas. I have posted a previous series. I’ve also added 3 brief articles [Heaven is a Place on Earth, Man to Man, The Gray Afternoon of the Soul] that were published in magazines this past year and one [Somewhere to Belong] that will be published in 2013. Please have a look at these and other articles.

I have also added two new pages: “Speakers Bureau” giving some options for those who may want to invite me as a guest speaker, and “Poetry” that includes some poetry samples from two chapbooks of my poetry. God has given me a voice and I am invigorated by speaking engagements, especially if I get the opportunity to read poetry. I look forward to this in 2013.

I have also posted a new slide show of our family trip in 2007 when we traveled across Canada as a family of 6.

I hope you enjoy some of the new postings. I look forward to cultivating some real relationships with people in 2013 and to continue “virtual” relationships with those I do not encounter in the body. This doesn’t make our interaction any less real! Although that could be debated :-).