In January of 2010, my first book was published entitled, Under Construction: Reframing Men’s Spirituality. At that time I paid for a website to be made and annual fees to keep the domain name,, which has been operational for 3 years. It was intended to support the book and create a forum for ongoing dialogue about the issues raised. Unfortunately, it never achieved its objectives and did not get the traffic I desired, probably due to the fact that I did not know what I was doing. Thus I will not be paying the fees for another year since I have now discovered that I can manage a website for free with more followers than before.

Despite this, the book has been a great success in my view with 2,000 books sold and numerous meaningful workshops and conversations in the past 3 years. I even got a response/review from Richard Rohr, the guru of men’s spirituality! [I never did get a response from John Eldredge.] And the conversation is still ongoing. I did a mini-retreat in Calgary last month that was one of the most successful events I’ve been part of on this topic. I continue to feel passionate about the subject matter and feel that the point I am trying to make is as relevant as ever.

For those who are unfamiliar with the book, it is still available through Amazon or the publisher, Herald Press. I have created a new menu item on this site where I have posted a collection of blogs from those 3 years as well as a number of reviews. I’m still asking the question with which I opened and closed the book: What is a spiritual man? And I’m trying to live the question.