My alternate title to this blog was “when worlds collide.” As is typical at this time of the semester, there is a bit of weariness in the air. It was helped by a rare burst of sunshine on the wet coast in November, accompanied by a happy collision of many worlds in my little world today. It would bore you and not make any sense to explain how everything was related so let me simply describe the people who directly and indirectly crossed my path today.

It started with a former revolutionary and a former financier from the Philippines who got married and visited the college today, and then included my colleague [originally from Ontario], an Abbotsford city councillor, Columbia graduates who got married and did an internship in Philippines, a student leader from Montreal who just got back from a visit to the UN in New York, a friend who works for MCC [originally from Ohio], a couple hosting a university house, my young adult children, and it extends to leaders of nations from around the world… and the day ended at home the way it began, with a kiss from my wife. What is the common ingredient? It’s a long explanation but in short – we are all part of God’s incredible work of SALAAM/SHALOM in the world. What a privilege!

Just when I was getting a bit weary of my calling in the greyness of November, and remembering the horrors of war as we do at this time of year… there was serendipity, as many worlds collided with my own little one. To remember is to work for peace and the Prince of Peace provides the surprises. Thank-you.