This semester has been a very full one for me. I’m teaching more hours per week and more students than ever before. Being introverted, my “relational quota” fills up fast anyway, but I’m feeling that I just don’t have enough energy for significant “face time” with students outside of class. I’m just not able to even know all 200 students in my classes by name, never mind remembering those I had last year whom I meet in the hallway! I hope they are understanding. I want to care about them all and show them all they matter greatly.

I think people can only handle so many significant relationships. At some point we reach our relational quota and we can’t invest like we would like to and some relationships will receive less energy than others. In my case, the first thing that goes is the people I do not see on a daily or weekly basis, i.e. blog readers. Thanks for your comments on my past few blogs. I wish I could converse with each comment but my face to face relationships will get my priority. [Although I am task oriented and I will reach my goal of 52 posts this year, even if it means they take the form of a confession!]

I had an epiphany moment this morning biking to work. Last Friday I biked home in the rain with some trepidation, having just learned of my sister being hit by a car as a pedestrian. Now she lies in hospital in critical condition probably because someone was in too much of a hurry. I don’t see her much as she lives 2000 miles away but she is family, a close relationship. It was “too close to home.” This morning I was battling a good headwind, but the sun was on my back and the fog was lifting as I prayed for my sister. Maybe if we were all biking or walking to work she’d be looking after a patient instead of being one. Biking or walking to work gets us more in touch with people and weather. I may complain about the weather in a few months but right now rain, shine or wind is all good. I’m thankful for life. I met Bill and his dog this morning [see earlier blog]. I think when we are in touch with the weather and with people we are also more in touch with God.