I preached a sermon this morning in Vancouver but it was not about hell, although it is related. The church was doing a series on Ephesians and my text was Ephesians 2:11-22. You can see the entire script for the sermon under my “sermons.” Here’s a small taste: It is the Gospel of peace [v.17]. Walls and barriers between people constitute a violation of God’s will for humanity. It is not that Christ is a bridge between humanity and a vengeful God. No, the Father sends Christ to invite us to peace with Godself and with all humanity, through the power of the Holy Spirit [v.18]! [Note how all members of the Trinity are involved.]

On my way home I met some family and friends and saw a movie that was a very good sermon about hell. It was the documentary “Hellbound?” and will be showing the rest of this week at Langley Colossus if you live in the Fraser Valley. It will at least provide a discussion starter and maybe even make you read your Bible again as you reconsider your views on hell, God and humanity and the implications thereof. This movie sermon is not only relevant and provocative, it is prophetic and evangelistic!