I am a hockey fan. I’ve watched hockey every Saturday night for many winters. I even became more so last year when the Winnipeg Jets were revived. At the same time I do not mourn the present impasse between owners and players. It is of course not unique to the NHL as baseball, NFL football, and basketball have had their problems. The problem is with professional sports. Players in the NHL make an average of 2.5 million dollars a year and owners an average of 5 million in profits. And they are both greedy for a bigger piece of the pie?! My friend had a great suggestion that Bettman should take the difference between the two parties and donate it to the foodbanks in each NHL city!

The gladiator sports died along with the Roman Empire. Why should our professional sports be immune? With the present dispute and with the new controversy regarding head injuries in more than one sport, the writing is on the wall [This saying comes from the impending death of another empire]. And while I’m making predictions, the age of the car as our primary means of transportation is also dead within my lifetime.

But I do not think this is all bad news. I am not a killjoy or doomsday prophet. I enjoy playing and watching sports and I do not think they are inherently evil, but the joy is gone for players and fans when it is all about the money. The fans are really the culprits because we pay both of the above. Maybe when these excessive versions die we can better enjoy playing and watching the games. In the meantime, the CFL rules! 🙂