I was energized by the return of students this week but the last few days had too many activities, including a retreat for first year students, manning a booth at the MCC Festival for World Relief and sending my daughter off to Africa. See my blog at www.mensspirituality.com for more details about the middle one.

On Monday I’m hosting 35 students at our house for lunch as I do very semester for my Anabaptist Theology class [sometimes its as many as 70!]. I explain that this is not merely an optional outing away from the classroom but is very much a part of what Anabaptist Theology is all about. “One should never discuss a theological issue with anyone without first having eaten a meal with them.” You can quote me on that! Anabaptist Theology must always be done in community and this little “field trip” to our house is a small way of beginning to build relationships among students before we engage various theological issues. There is something about eating together that helps to break down barriers between people that allows them to be more real with each other. Why else do couples always eat on dates? Why else is eating and drinking the central ritual of the church, i.e. communion? Theology goes down better with food.

We talked a bit about “Mennonite food” in class on Wednesday and I said I would be serving it when they came over. Some thought I meant vereneki and farmer sausage and such but I will be serving a bean soup, lentil soup and I’m going to try to make a pot with only fresh ingredients from our garden, mostly potatoes with a lot of herbs for taste. Mmmmmm. I don’t know what is better, eating or discussing theology. How about both at the same time!