This morning we sold our tent trailer that we have had for the past 15 years. It is a classic 1970’s model with bold orange striped canvas and even bolder brown, white and orange curtains on the inside with ugly green cushions, but it has worn well, and oh so many good memories lie in and around that camping trailer. We first got it when our kids were ages 3, 5, and 7. We’ve camped many places from BC to Manitoba. Now those children are 22, 20, and 18 and are moving on. We will make new memories with our 11 year old still at home.

It was kind of impulsive to put an ad on Craig’s list and kijiji and the young man who bought it this morning was the first to look at it and arrived spontaneously as I was leaving for work. He has a wife and 4 young children the age that ours were 15 years ago. They were not that well off judging by the van he was driving. I was sad to see it driving away because of all the good memories associated with it but then I thought of how excited his wife and kids would be at home when he arrived with a “new” camping trailer. Tears almost come to my eyes now when I imagine them camping somewhere this weekend, a happy family. I was glad I could give him a good deal and see it used by another family rather than it going to a dealer so he could make another $100 off of it.

The sale of the tent trailer is only one marker at the end of an era. At 51 I am a lot closer to my death than my birth. Our children are becoming independent. We will still have great memories together but it will be different now. Even my work is focussed on passing on the faith to the next generation of students who are the same age as our kids. Today we had a commissioning service for student leaders on campus. It’s not that I don’t live and enjoy the present anymore but when I focus on the future it involves the next generation. My own life has more past than future but it is not all sad and sentimental. I am confident in my children and the young adults at college. I am confident that they will lead us well into the next era.