I have not blogged for a month. The only reason I am blogging twice today is because I felt compelled to be at the computer yesterday and today to prepare for a workshop and a sermon next weekend. Summer weather finally arrived on the west coast earlier this week and that has not made sitting at the computer any easier. It has been a full month of activity so it is not as if there hasn’t been anything to write about, but sometimes life is so full it just needs to be lived, and only much later we reflect on it. So it might be another month after today before I blog again!

I had some days of wonderful solitary bliss puttering in the back yard after I finished work on June 15, but then the past week has been full of people and activities. Our extended family and friends started arriving last week to celebrate our son Joel’s wedding to Breanne. We have had 20 people for meals, a few for night, 17 for a hike, and all of them at the wedding, which was a unique and beautiful celebration in which lots of tears of joy and meaning were shed. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet that my son is married!

The wedding was no doubt the big event but it was joined by numerous other significant transitions in our lives, all in the same week! While one young adult son moved out, our other young adult son moved back into our house, and our daughter left for the summer to work at camp and our youngest son graduated from elementary school. During the same week Cyndy finished her contract of teaching and moved all her classroom materials back home. And of course all these transitions happened while the above company was here!

Needless to say it has been an eventful summer so far, but all good. I am very thankful for good relationships with our families and for good health to enjoy a variety of activities. After my “work” next weekend I look forward to some down time to do some camping, hiking, more puttering, journalling, and maybe even reading my annual pulp fiction novel. I read so much for my work that reading is not a hobby of mine so it usually takes a while before I can enjoy it. It is most often a John Grishom novel.

Oh, and how could I forget one of the great joys of summer? Fresh food! Strawberry spinach salad, raspberries on ice-cream, rhubarb crisp… with carrots and blueberries still to come!