I’m starting a new website to begin the new year. I already have a website related to a book I have written and published, www.mensspirituality.com, but it is limited to the subject of men’s spirituality. The purpose of this site is to post my other writings, blogs and pictures on a variety of topics of interest to me. As you will note from my men’s site, that topic was not one that was of primary interest to me until I found myself profoundly disappointed with the literature available on the subject. I’m not a blogger to begin with and in the two years since the book was released I have struggled to come up with additional topics related to men’s spirituality to post on the site. Hopefully this site will allow me a bit more freedom to explore a variety of topics. It is also a place to make available to a wider audience my other writings that have never been published or have been published in various paper journals and magazines.